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Macallan Rare Cask 2023


Macallan has managed to make its whisky as popular as Japanese whiskies by leveraging product placements in successful series and films. Additionally, they have softened their identity to make their malt more mainstream and palatable for the general public.

Purists have long abandoned Macallan, disappointed by the loss of its unique flavour and texture. This also explains the enthusiasm for older Macallan bottlings.

This Rare Cask 2023 reconnects with the fine old tradition of Macallan’s impeccable sherry casks.

A delightful concentration of spiced milk chocolate tantalises the taste buds. Likewise, the texture of the liquid is simply phenomenal, leaning towards silky smoothness. The alcohol balance is nearly perfect, with just a hint of black pepper in the finish, making for a most enjoyable tasting experience.

A fine production from Macallan that reconciles us with the brand.

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