You are currently viewing Glenlossie 2012 10 years – casks #5704 #7124 #1598

Glenlossie 2012 10 years – casks #5704 #7124 #1598


Allow me to introduce you to the charming Glenlossie distillery, nestled in the heart of Speyside, sharing its grounds with another equally enigmatic distillery, Mannochmore.

The produce from this distillery is velvety smooth, predominantly destined for Haig blends, yet also finding its place in Diageo’s “Flora & Fauna” series.

This particular expression is bottled by the esteemed James Eadie House of London, presenting us with a blend of three bourbon casks, each aged for a minimum of 10 years.

Delicately imbued with the sweetness and lightness reminiscent of summer days, this whisky is a veritable bouquet of elderflower and ripe yellow peach, with subtle floral undertones. Its finish gently unfolds into a medley of dried fruits, evoking imagery of artisanal goat cheese and golden honey to complete the experience.

A delightful whisky, unassuming yet exquisitely refined in its presentation.

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