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Milk & Honey – Elements Sherry

A TENTATIVE START – Score: 6.5/10

In these tumultuous times, it is good to be reminded of the pleasures that the land of Israel and its vibrant city of Tel-Aviv can offer us.

The Milk & Honey distillery, recently acclaimed for producing the “best whisky in the world,” presents us with a prolific range, including this Elements Sherry, aged in sherry casks as its name suggests.

Let us examine if the reputation is well-deserved as we sample this libation.

The initial taste is extraordinarily fruity, featuring red fruits, particularly strawberries. However, the strawberry note leans more towards the artificial than the garden-fresh variety. It is followed by notes of caramel, accompanied by green mint and red pepper.

The finish is exceedingly syrupy, leaving a mixed overall impression.

The artificial aspect lingers on the palate and does not provide complete satisfaction. Room for improvement, one might say.

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