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Bunnahabhain 1991 28 years


Wemyss Malts made its foray into the world of whisky in 2005 and has consistently graced us with a series of brilliant single malt and blended whisky selections since.

Few houses can boast of presenting selections as refined as these, for, up until now, not a single Wemyss Malt bottle has left me with a negative impression.

Let us, therefore, examine whether this blend of no fewer than thirty-one casks, comprising twenty-eight sherry casks and three bourbon casks, lives up to Wemyss’ standards of excellence.

The outcome is truly atypical, offering us a whisky that is both velvety and delicate with notes of flowers and honey. Yet, it concludes with a powerful finish, bestowing upon us a generous dose of blonde chocolate and a surprisingly subtle touch of fennel.

The tasting experience is delightful, even though the gustatory duality may leave some feeling disoriented.

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