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Caol Ila 2012 8 years – cask #325956

MISTRAL GAGNANT – Score: 6,5/10

Let’s revisit an extraordinarily productive distillery, churning out approximately six million liters annually, catering primarily to the world of blended Scotch, including the renowned Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Such prolific production also leads a significant portion into the hands of independent bottlers.

The whisky at hand has been handpicked by a small German bottler known as Whisky Circle. The maturation in Madeira casks piqued my interest, prompting me to delve into this libation.

Madeira imparts a pronounced sweetness to the whisky, delivering confectionery notes from the very first sip, reminiscent of candies from days gone by. However, the combination of peat and sugar is quite surprising, especially as the finish deteriorates significantly, giving way to hints of ginger, licorice, ultimately culminating in a cardboard-like aftertaste.

A disconcerting and somewhat unbalanced taste experience, yet undeniably intriguing for those seeking something different

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