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Auchentoshan 1990 23 years – cask #6850


Auchentoshan has one merit: it is that of having resisted the slow decline of Lowland distilleries.

Many of them had to close during the whisky crisis, but Auchentoshan managed to stay standing and become the reference distillery in the Lowland.

Adhering to the Irish-style triple distillation, Auchentoshan produces rather light and subtle whiskies.

Here, we have a version bottled by the famous German merchant Whisky-Fässle, delivering a 23-year-old Auchentoshan aged in Hogshead.

Whisky-Fässle’s reputation is well established in terms of selection. They usually deliver good whiskies.

Let’s see if the selection confirms the rule.

Cereals are omnipresent, curiously accompanied by green beans. Equally surprising, smoke makes its way into the tasting, which is quite amusing for an Auchentoshan.

The finish is extremely woody, making it extremely unpleasant.

In short, a rather mediocre and unenjoyable tasting.

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