You are currently viewing Springbank 1991 12 years – Bourbon Wood Expression

Springbank 1991 12 years – Bourbon Wood Expression


The ‘Wood Expression’ series by Springbank is highly coveted among connoisseurs seeking to acquire the sixteen bottles, comprising thirteen Springbanks, two Longrows, and one Hazelburn.

This particular rendition is the 12-year-old, matured in Bourbon casks and distilled in 1991, boasting a truly respectable 58.5% alcohol content.

The title might have prematurely unveiled the outcome by disclosing the score. The whisky falls far from the realm of pleasantness, bearing notes reminiscent of aged industrial cereals and the essence of cigarette smoke.

The finale exacerbates matters, with an overtly present and invasive bitterness.

Truly disheartening, particularly considering the current exorbitant price for such a bottle. It is wiser to preserve it within a collection than to partake in its consumption

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