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Waterford – Fenniscourt


Waterford is an Irish whiskey from the eponymous town located in the southern part of the island. The most “Scottish” distillery in Ireland, as its founders were also active within Bruichladdich.

It is, therefore, under their discerning guidance that the distillery commenced its production in 2016, crafting whiskies with meticulous traceability, enabling the identification of the farm’s plot of land and the barley used.

The Fenniscourt is a peated production matured in various casks (First Fill Bourbon, Virgin American Oak, French Sweet Wine cask) and clocks in at 50%.

The notes are maritime to the extreme, reminiscent of the North Sea with its briny aromas and hints of green algae. The finish tends towards damp leather, all within an oily texture elevating the quality of the triple distillation.

The peat is not the most pleasant I have had the opportunity to taste, making the tasting less enjoyable than anticipated.

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