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Dalmore 12 years – Sherry Cask Select

A CARTON OF CARAMEL – Rating: 5/10

Dalmore undoubtedly stands as the distillery with the most original marketing: everything revolves around its master distiller, William Paterson, also known as “The Nose,” who extols the quality of the product worldwide with his theatrical approach.

I encourage you, if not already done, to explore his videos on the internet; he is simply phenomenal.

But let’s get back to the matter at hand and discuss the Dalmore 12-year-old aged in sherry casks that is presented to us tonight, not to be confused with the traditional 12-year-old, which is a blend of sherry and virgin American oak casks.

The outcome is mixed, with notes of chemical caramel and cardboard. The finish is woody and peppery, making the conclusion rather unpleasant. The overall result yields a rather bland composition, imparting a distinctly industrial aspect to the libation.

I am still awaiting a pleasant surprise from Dalmore, but thus far, disappointment remains the order of the day.

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