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Kilchoman European Tour 2023

OVERCOOKED STEW – Score: 5,5/10

Kilchoman Tour 2023: a highly anticipated tour for Kilchoman enthusiasts who gathered at the Col de Cygne in May of last year for an exploration of the distillery’s products with the founder’s sons.

It was a very pleasant morning to which your humble servant had the pleasure of being invited. I had the opportunity to taste some exceptional Kilchoman whiskies (including a stunning 16-year-old sherry cask).

Naturally, the special bottling celebrating this tour was on the agenda. A maturation in Port and Bourbon casks is offered to us at 58.5%.

The flavors are very spicy and marked by highly concentrated matured meat, close to a stew. The licorice is also present in a very pronounced manner.

The finish is on oak and ash.

A mediocre whisky for this tour, but the rest of the presentation was sublime, but I will come back to that.

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