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Glenlivet 2006 16 years – cask #900800


In contemporary times, the basic offerings from Glenlivet are often lackluster and seldom impressive on the palate.

It is advisable to turn towards independent bottlers to discover more intriguing and flavorful expressions of Glenlivet.

This is precisely what we hope to achieve by selecting this Glenlivet 2006, matured for 16 years in a first-fill sherry cask.

Despite its 16 years, it still boasts an impressive 60.7%, foreshadowing a robust whisky.

On the palate, however, while the alcoholic presence is evident, we are not overwhelmed, and it remains entirely drinkable without numbing the tongue.

What is even more surprising is the distinctive richness in the tasting experience. We start with fresh almonds, honey, and milk chocolate, then slowly perceive the noble oak and pepper. Finally, licorice concludes the tasting with a lingering hint of honey.

Undoubtedly a fine production, although the alcohol content swiftly dries the palate.

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