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Deanston 18 years

NO VEG, NO PUD – SCORE: 7.5/10

So far, my tipples with the Deanston distillery have been a bit meh, with one of the worst sips in my history being the Spanish Oak – a spine-chilling experience every time it comes to mind.

So, I’m dishing out a hefty dollop of open-mindedness to give this distillery a third bash, hoping this tasting was just a blip.

The task falls to the new-gen Deanston 18-year-old to salvage the distillery’s rep in my noggin.

Initial notes give me an immediate thumbs up. It’s smooth, a tad powdery, and a bit of a palate pleaser. Turnip takes a bow in the tasting, wrapped up in Madagascar vanilla with a hint of marzipan.

The finish has a subtle woody vibe, always tag-teaming with talc.

A well-balanced whisky, lip-smacking, and a bit out of the ordinary with those veggie notes.

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