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Octomore 2009 5 years – Futures


Bruichladdich has revolutionized the peated whisky world by crafting beverages pushed to the extreme. The inaugural rendition was the Octomore Futures 2002, boasting a staggering 87 parts per million (ppm).

A figure that may now elicit a smile, but at the time, it was an unprecedented level.

With the third iteration in the Futures series, Octomore presents us with a mind-boggling ppm level, a whopping 258ppm, to be precise.

Packaged in a bottle more conventional than the iconic black or smoky vessels, the Octomore Futures 2009 leaves us slightly apprehensive in the face of the proclaimed impressive peaty power.

Fear is swiftly dispelled as the Peat becomes (relatively) discreet. Or, at the very least, harmonious with the overall fresh and lemony profile the libation offers. The woody notes impart a more assertive character in the finale, rendering this whisky quite delightful due to its subtle balance.

A splendid Octomore to explore for the curious and aficionados of intense experiences.

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