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Glendronach 18 years Allardice (2019)


Gone are the days when Glendronach 18 Year Old Allardice could be purchased for a mere 65€. A whisky that, at the time, seemed standard. One did not fully grasp the quality of the product being consumed nor the excellent value for money it represented.

Today, an Allardice can fetch up to 200€ in certain shops, nearly unaffordable for some whisky enthusiasts.

This 2019 edition is the last version bridging the gap between pre and post closure. Although labeled as 18 years old, we are indeed presented with a 24-year-old spirit.

Undoubtedly, this 2019 rendition is the most balanced and refined of the series.

The harmony between the tannic aspect of the sherry and its fruity contribution is simply flawless. It starts with a vinous and sweet note, with cane and prune blending marvelously, finishing towards the woody and caffeinated side of oak, all sprinkled with ginger.

A delight for sherry bomb enthusiasts and an era that draws to a close.

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