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Imperial 1995 20 years – casks #50242 #50243


Imperial, the cursed one as it’s nicknamed in the small world of Scottish whisky, due to its propensity to always reopen when the whisky market collapses, has nevertheless blessed us with some fine bottles in the past.

As the casks diminish day by day, it is undeniable that the prices of Imperial bottles will only rise over time.

Signatory Vintage seems to possess some, two of which have been used to produce this twenty-year-old bottle aged in Hogsheads (likely bourbon, given its pale hue).

The malt is surprisingly potent, with the cereal asserting itself strongly, supported, indeed, by a high-flying woody tannin.

The finish will be honeyed and imbued with licorice, imparting an unexpected lightness.

The ethylic balance is unfavorable, and the peppery aspect frankly disappoints us.

A whisky for those who enjoy whiskies as an aperitif.

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