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Octomore 14.1


2024 has seen the release of the latest production from Octomore, now up to its fourteenth edition.

This version is crafted using the Concerto barley variety, which has been the most commonly used barley by distilleries in recent years.

Unfortunately, this variety is expected to be phased out in production, replaced by a more profitable barley variety named Laureate. This makes the Octomore 14.1 something of a collector’s item just for this reason.

Bruichladdich has dubbed this version 14.1 “The Impossible Equation,” and it truly is difficult to pin down, as the peat overwhelmingly dominates the tasting notes.

However, there is a notable beefy character that strangely intertwines with vanilla, all seasoned with a pepper and salt finish, making this Octomore unique.

There’s no doubt that it’s a well-made whisky, but it’s a pity that the peat overshadows the full breadth of the distillate’s flavors.

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