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GlenDronach 1995 20 years – cask #3047


It is becoming increasingly difficult to get your hands on Glendronach single casks, so when you have the opportunity, like at Le Col de Cygne, to taste one, you don’t miss it.

I set my sights on a 20-year-old Glendronach 1995, aged in a Pedro Ximenez Puncheon and bottled at 48.6%, which is quite decent in terms of alcohol strength to savor a whisky.

As expected, the notes of chocolate and mentholated pepper are present, as in many sherry bombs. However, another facet emerges, reminiscent of cooked vegetables deglazed with a splash of port.

It’s flavorful but a tad too syrupy for my taste. The quality is undeniable, but I’m not convinced by this unnatural combination.

I will try it again with some time to breathe and see how it evolves.

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