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Wolfburn Let it Snow


Let us continue our exploration of Wolfburn with this particular version crafted exclusively for the Christmas of the year 2022, aptly named “Let it Snow.”

A dual aging process awaits this whisky, initially maturing in bourbon casks before being meticulously transferred into smaller quarter cask barrels.

A limited series of merely two thousand bottles, potentially rendering it a collector’s gem should the libation prove exceptional.

Regrettably, such is not the case, far from it.

The texture, notably aqueous and saline, evokes memories of seawater, accented by a hint of licorice but overshadowed by a substantial dose of damp wood bark dominating the entire tasting session.

Bitterness permeates, ruthlessly obliterating any other flavor attempting to emerge from this composition.

On this occasion, Father Christmas has not bestowed us with a treat.

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