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Glendronach 15 years – Revival (2014)

A DELICATE DESSERT – Rating: 7.5/10

Much has been said, or nearly all, about the Glendronach distillery, its transition between Billy Walker and Rachel Barrie, and the legend of the differentiated age statements.

Let us, therefore, bypass these frequently discussed topics and focus on the actual tasting of this Glendronach 15-year-old from the Walker era, bottled in 2014.

It is evident that the quality shines through in this 2014 release, presenting indulgent notes of caramel confections, honey, and dried grapes.

Personally, I lean towards the Allardice over the Revival; however, this is a matter of personal taste. I have a preference for the more robust sherry bombs over the subtler sherries such as this one.

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