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Laphroaig Cairdeas 2020


In the Cairdeas series, tonight’s choice is the 2020 edition. A rendition that has undergone a triple maturation: initially in bourbon casks, followed by a finishing touch in Port Rouge casks, culminating in a red wine cask of undisclosed origin.

Quite an elaborate program for a series seldom disappointing and reigniting our appreciation for Laphroaig, which, truth be told, suffers in quality during this prosperous era for the whisky industry.

This triple maturation is not exactly a triumph for this version, let’s admit it. Laphroaig’s medicinal peaty notes are undoubtedly present but overpower with bark and licorice, rendering it quite bitter.

The wood and cauldron persist in the finish, making it all the more weighty on the palate and less enjoyable.

Disappointment lingers for this 2020 edition, unlikely to leave a lasting impression.

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